#We Are Mishti ​

#The Mishti team

“Creating an identity is complicated, and that’s why it’s vital you recognise how important it is to work on it and achieve a successful outcome”

Set up in La Coruña in 2015, since then we have, like our customers, been growing. Our priority is the young, feminine universe and we believe what we wear is our calling card to the world. We’re specialists in converting simple things into special things, and the result is comfortable and original garments with a distinguishing touch that display our love for top quality work. We appreciate distinctive designs and we enjoy creating sweet, attractive garments that look good on girls and, at the same time, allow them to perform their day-to-day activities freely.   

Our team is made up of a group of professionals, all women committed to and excited about their work creating exclusive garments. We’re based in La Coruña, where over time generations of designers, businesses, photographers and all types of artists have turned the city into an alternative fashion capital of the world.

When we talk about key fashion destinations we normally point on the map to big cities such as Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York or Madrid. This is where the “top” designers hold their fashion shows and the streets are full of trends, but that doesn’t mean that in smaller places we can’t find a whole bunch of fashion trendsetters too. Without looking too far, in Spain there’s so much variety in styles depending on where you are

If you venture to the north of Spain we can talk about fashion in La Coruña. If you’ve ever visited this part of Galicia, you may have noticed that generally both girls and boys dress very, very well. This is no coincidence. There are several factors that make style especially important there, starting with one of the strongest and largest textile companies worldwide – INDITEX. But also the surf culture in the city. All these factors play a role in giving looks in the city a strong personality and setting them apart from other areas of the country.

falda gris con estampado de flores
#Mishti Girl​

Mishti invites you to this child’s world of infinite possibilities. Our #mishtiGirls are attractive and influential girls. Self-confident women capable of facing up to any challenges the future may bring.

#The Collection

We offer original and, above all, practical fashion. Feminine garments for girls and teens with personality. We design our garments with a touch of chic and French influences, providing a different, elegant and comfortable image for the new generation of women coming through strong.

Our collections are noted for mixing timeless, personality-packed basics with fashionable garments capable of conveying our lively and spontaneous spirit.

#Our Way

Our mission is to fill the world with joy through our garments.

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